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List Bot

  • What is List Bot?

    List Bot is an SMS robot or "bot" that turns text messages into simple lists.

  • Why do I need a "bot"?

    Convenience! List Bot was born out of the frustration of walking around the grocery with a texted grocery list.

  • How do I use List Bot?

    Text a comma-separated list to 310-444-5207 – List Bot will text back a link to your list.

  • How much does it Cost?

    List Bot it free to use! Message and data rates may apply. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, then you don't have to worry.

  • How do I share my list?

    Text List Bot "Send" followed by a mobile number and List Bot will forward your most recent list.
    Example: "Send 3105551234"

  • Can I have more than one list?

    Yes – You can have as many lists as you want!

  • How do I see my lists?

    Text List Bot "Lists" and List Bot will text back a link to your lists.

  • Is my information secure?

    List Bot never displays your personal information or phone number. List URLs are obscure unique identifiers and unlikely to be seen by others. Keep your list items anonymous and no one will ever know it's yours.

  • Can other people view my list of lists?

    Your list can't be looked up by anyone else and traced your phone number. As long as you don't have any personal information as a list item, you're totally anonymous.

  • Who made List Bot?

    List Bot was made by Pomp Productions.